Extends the support of Asus Merlin firmware to more routers

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AsusWrt Merlin GNUton's builds

A powerful third-party firmware designed for Asus routers.
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This is an official Merlin fork which is supported by ASUS and RMerlin: Aim of this project is to make Merlin running on additional routers.

My builds are intended to support all features present in the original Merlin firmware. Occasionally, I also incorporate additional features for specific models. The images are built in the cloud to ensure transparency, and the open-source code is publicly accessible in this GitHub repository.

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Supported Models

388.x firmware: ⬇️ Download latest release or testing pre-release ⬇️

386.x firmware:

If you cannot find your router in the above list, please read here!

Not sure which version you have? V1? V2? Enable SSH, then ssh into your router and run nvram get productid

Experimental builds:

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